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{May 30, 2016}   Aries and Taurus are going to break the rules

Usually pragmatic Aries goes to fetish dating with a ready script in the head. The sign had already decided what specifically would like to receive today. To convince this stubborn and offer its own version of events is almost impossible. For this reason, it is better to decide whether Aries wants to deal with Taurus, and what to expect from the fetish dating with this sign.

A true connoisseur of aesthetics

An aesthetic aspect is very important for Taurus in sexual and fetish fun. The partner must be beautiful: slim figure bends, expressive face, conscript emotional facial expressions. These components sexual games are not fetish in the conventional sense of the word, but its effect on the Taurus can be equated to a fetish.

Taurus is a true connoisseurs of the characteristic elements of sexual games and will be secretly grateful to the partner, if Aries is dressed in erotic lingerie: from classic stockings and lace panties to the suit of leather or latex naked private parts and suitable footwear, for example, miniature stiletto hills.

Aries might be tempted to charm Taurus cheap imitations. Note that this trick can hopelessly spoil fetish dating. Taurus big fan of the elite or high-quality items and the ability to wear them; expensive cosmetics and perfumes, and the ability to use them – it is another especial fetish for the sign. Taurus hates tinsel, instantly recognizes it and feels insult and deception. With this discovery it is much harder to accept the lack of luxury items. The equivalent replacement is well-groomed body and sincere emotion.

Playing without rules
Despite the many differences, both signs share a common goal: to test the effect of novelty and break taboos. It is for this reason that the most daring sexual experiments open to them:

– Face sitting fetish;
– Face farting fetish;
– Extreme clothing, footwear and accessories.

If this pare prefer something filthy, they can take the risk to try such exotic pleasure as face sitting and even face farting fetish.

Taming the Bull

Usually erotic field Aries pumped better than the Taurus’ one. It is for this reason that Aries will become the initiator of new fun. Aries should be gentle, delicate and, at the same time, persistent. If Aries decided on such an attack, the fall will not be able to escape: this sign can not retreat and surrender. That’s, however, the best solution for both: in the heart Taurus craves experiments, but the innate conservatism and prudence dictates to keep away from innovations. This paradox is inherent in both men and women Taurus.

Be careful: accessories!

Lingerie can be a fetish, too, especially when it comes to non-standard sets, which naturally complement the image of the partner. Decorative elements of danger – spikes, chains, pendant with poison – will give a special piquancy intimate setting. This sexual adventure in the first place, an exciting game for both. They are united by a common goal: to make this a truly unforgettable night of love.


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