Bikini dating

{April 18, 2016}   Gemini going to the fetish dating with Pisces

In this pair can not be equality: Gemini will certainly take on the role of the initiator. Pisces can also manifest itself as an ideal admirer. Any, even the most extravagant ideas will find the admiring response and cause delight.

The initiative belongs to Gemini
Gemini are willing to take seriously any sexual game. They will lead Pisces easy into the world of fetish fantasies. For Pisces fetish dating with Gemini is an unforgettable adventure, full of vivid impressions, and a storm of emotions.

Pisces have enough rich imagination, but this sign goes through some difficulties with the implementation of it’s fetishes in reality. When Pisces try to express the seductive scenes and images by simple words, the grace is lost completely. For this reason, Pisces prefer to keep silence and admire partner’s fantasies.

In the Gemini’s notes
Gemini should realize that dating success depends mainly on them. Therefore, it is necessary to think in advance what to do, so that at the crucial moment is not to confuse by the excitement with numerous fantasies. To please Pisces pleasant surprise will help the knowledge of some features of the sign. For example, Pisces are not indifferent to the feet, so beautiful shoes can be considered the beginning of foreplay. This small detail will escape the attention of dreamy Pisces and help tune into erotic wave.

Holders of exciting voices will not be difficult to charm Pisces. Gemini is one of the most eloquent signs, Pisces most grateful listeners in the whole Zodiac.

Seductive transformation
Inherent Gemini’s variability extends to the sexual sphere too. Representatives of the sign will get great pleasure from the game Reincarnation:

– Cross-dressing: partners change clothes;
– Transvestism: dressing up in clothes of the opposite sex;
– Linen Fetishism: playing with underwear and shoes each other;
– Cisvestism fetish means wearing clothes of the own sex, but typical for another age or social class.

Pisces are also characterized by duality. In addition, they are interested in different kinds of people. Disguise games are an unforgettable opportunity to make love at the same time with “multiple” partners. This is secret dream of many Pisces, but for most of them the wildest imagination would have remained an impossible dream, if not for smart Gemini.

Submissive and open-mind
Pisces is a very favorable sign for any fetish dating. They are in principle open-mind to sexual experimentation, there is no any taboo for them. The only problem is that they do not always know what they really want, so they never hesitate to take the initiative partner. If the game has a sexual domination element, Pisces prefer a submissive position.

Erotic preferences of Gemini meet not less than warm response from Libra, Aquarius, and many other signs of the Zodiac.


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