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{April 10, 2016}   The favourite fetish fun for woman Cancer and man Virgo: astrology advice for dating

If a woman Cancer and Virgo man decided to date for fetish fun, they can expect a lot of surprises. These signs of the zodiac think and feel quite differently, it is not surprising that each of them has own special sexual preferences. At the same time, these differences is the main value: everyone is able to bring an element of surprise, the result is a sparkling cocktail. What is the best way for this pair to spend time?

Here are the most appropriate scenario for fetish dating, let’s find out the secret of their attractiveness for women Cancer and men Virgo.

1. BDSM paraphernalia and corresponding elements of the genre, handcuffs is must have element;
2. Foot and stiletto hills fetish;
3. Half-naked suits, fur, leather and lace.

Kinds of sex fetish pleasures for this pare
Between Cancer and Virgo is not observed astrological confrontations: their native elements Water and Earth perfectly coexist in nature. Virgo Man and Cancer woman feel immediately attracted to each other, as a rule, they have found common desire solidarity unconventional views. Powerful unifying factor becomes the driving force in the search for harmony.

Typically, the initiator of the relationship is a Virgo. Rendezvous begins naturally and spontaneously. Roles are distributed among the partners themselves: Virgo man likes to dominate and Cancer woman feels comfortable as a submissive slave. As you may have guessed, this pair like almost all kinds of BDSM games.

The characteristic attributes BDSM gives a special flavor and charm. Its wide product range includes everything you need both. Cancer is focused on tactile sensations, while for the Virgin important aesthetic appeal. Suits made of leather and latex, decorative whip and handcuffs, all kinds of accessories do fetish date unforgettable.

How to seduce a Virgo
Virgo love when your partner undress for them. Like other signs of the zodiac, they have their fetishes with respect to parts of the body. Virgos like to see, as in the prelude to a sexual game to unbutton the buttons on the cuffs, cufflinks and even better. Indifferent to the feet and wrists Virgo will appreciate the spectacular shoes like stiletto hills and original handcuffs. His predilections Virgo, primarily owes Ruling Planet Mercury. Depending on the position of other planets and their interaction with Mercury, the emphasis may shift.

For example, a compound with Neptune excites interest for all sorts of secrets and a desire to solve them. On such days, it is appropriate to wear with a variety of fasteners, welcome layering, an abundance of lingerie. Exempt from clothing, breaking the hooks, loops and lightning, one by one, reserved Virgo unwittingly opens the door himself in the world of erotic experiments.

Neptune and the Moon are known in astrology as the sexiest planets. At the “moon” days Virgo looks different eyes at their secret desires. In the moonlight they do not seem objectionable. That is, they are still forbidden, but that’s manifested their special appeal. This time for the most daring fetish ideas, their chances of being accepted are greatly increased.

Influence of Venus intensifies the craving for sensual pleasures, Pluto stirs up the desire to dominate, the Moon stimulates the imagination. Each piece is of particular meaning and is a full member of fetish dating.

This astrological secret will allow at least every day to be the object of desire for the Virgo and lust. It is enough to consult the detailed horoscope sign to find out what the world today run by his passions.

Features of the first dating men Virgo and women Cancer
The symbiosis of restraint and the ability to present themselves very impressed with cancer. Imaginative mark provides a wide field of activity. From the nature of buying on the display of emotions Virgo does not deny the erotic fantasies, Cancer sees this as a sign of acquiescence. Virgo closely watching the eccentric and unpredictable friend. Man represented the first dating is not so. But curiosity and inquisitive mind researcher, which is what all of the Virgo, take precedence over caution: definitely need to find out what kind of fruit in front of him, especially in this present uncertainty definitely something exciting and attractive. Both are difficult to communicate verbally: Virgo prefers clear, concise, logical completeness wording Cancer closer allusions and metaphors. It is not surprising that the dialogue does not add up. This is a great opportunity to go straight to the point.

The characteristic lack of initiative of Cancer woman in bed with a man of the Virgo plays a positive role. “Laissez-faire” in the erotic imagination combined with a willingness to fulfill every whim can work wonders. Restrained by nature Virgo gets a unique opportunity to be liberated and plenty to experiment. Virgo forget about education and self-control, showing his true “I”, is open as ever, expresses tenderness and sensuality. Cancer woman is not always possible to recognize the hidden emotions of the Virgo, but during sex should not be confused with anything. Behind closed doors, bedrooms Virgo man genuinely enjoying expression in ways that might embarrass in everyday life.

Both have a sense of action. Virgo and Cancer will not allow to goodbye repeated too often turned into a routine or a relationship gone too far. They are known for versatile recipe: go to, after some time, to reappear out of nowhere. This mysterious and independent style of behavior in relationship brings bright romantic emotions, the effect of novelty and surprises.


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